Summer Without Syphilis

by Balé

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Summer Without Syphilis was recorded in 1992 on a 16 track tape machine. The whole album was prepared on ATARI computer with Notator sequencer, then synched to Tape machine and live instruments and vocals were added. This is my first Solo album and at first I wanted to release it under the name of my former band LUNA, but the idea was later abandoned. Prior to this project I had significant experience as guitar player and composer/arranger, with 2 Albums to my credit but this was the first project where I took a roll of a lead singer and lyricist. Important to notice is that in 1992 the country of Yugoslavia, where album was recorded, already started falling apart and even dough the actual fights were some 500 kilometers away, the atmosphere in the whole country was.........not promising.
In 1989 I made a video for then instrumental track The Prince of Chaos with a friend and director Aleksandar Sasa Davic using the footage of Romanian president Nicolae Ceaucescu and a violent revolution in Romania which lead to his execution (Romania is a neighboring country of Yugosalvia, now Serbia)The video ended up being aired on European MTV, not a small achievement considering that prior to that only one band from former Yugoslavia did it.
Only a couple of years after that the smell of revolution arrived to our doorstep.
It looked like that we have our own Prince of Chaos embodied in president Slobodan Milosevic so I made a new version of the same track "The Prince of Chaos II" (track #3) and the next step was to make a video ……not a simple task considering circumstances.
The Video was shot in studios of TV Station of my hometown Novi Sad. At the time of shooting the country was in chaos expecting the results of recently held elections. As it goes, the results were suppose to change the course of the country. We were supporters of the opposition, while shooting a Video in the one of the strongholds of the regime. We did it during the night, behind their backs. That was really dangerous thing to do, not so much for me and the band as much for my friends, the director Aleksandar Sasa Davic and cameraman Jovan Milinov Toba who were both employees of TVNS at the time. The election results were in favor of the president and Video was never aired……… couple mounts after that I made my way to NYC...... and that's another story.
Link for "The Prince of Chaos" version I,


released August 5, 2014

Music and Lyrics © Zoran Bulatovic Bale, ASCAP, ℗ Fatalamanga Publishing, Fatalamanga Records



all rights reserved


Don Bale da Fatalamanga Italy

I started playing music at the age of 12 and since then I have recorded, toured and contributed music to numerous CD's, Film and Theater productions in the USA, Italy, France, Austria... Here I'll try to present as much of it as I can because the most of my work was never officially released. Please read descriptions, the works are very diverse, from Surf to Classical, Acoustic to Goth and beyond. ... more

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Track Name: Big Brother
Big Brother (03:09)

Say hello to the biggest brother
we adore you, you're the only one
say good night to every joy
it's so good wherever there isn't you

What a built, what a pose, what a nose
your bosoms seem so erotical
god knows why do you come for
One like you can't be born again
only miscarried

Have no reason to hide myself
no more single choice with a monkey tribe
there's no reason with a monkey tribe
to cheer myself, but to pack myself
and go away.


Say hello to the biggest brother
we adore you, you're the only one
i won't give my keys of world to you
you don't have such loosing the old ones
why pushing yourself.
go away.

have no reason to hide myself..

I'll stay here to bother you
I'll stay here to hinder you
I'll stay here, to disturb you
I'll stay here
Track Name: R'n'R
R'n'R (03:12)

Dr. Hubicka went to bed
totally messed up and alone
I tortured him all night
with why Yes and why No

Hundred reasons to stop with that
and only the one for
because I like to bother myself
and to say to everybody that

Nobody hates Rock'n'Roll like me x 4

How can you play with yourself
and think about it that way,
when the only thing you really know is
how to multiply yourself

Come on, Hubicka, listen what I'm saying
it's only my third self
it actually likes to sweat
and that is disgusting
and I know that nobody
Hates Rock'n'Roll like me

persone ne deteste Rock'n'Roll comme moi

When you're only five or six
you are sure that it's a right thing and then
you start to listening to shadows
'cause sounds are nothing, nothing but that
They take you, kiss you, visper to you
easily you fall into sleep, in which you,
fly, fall and then you realize
must be Them or may be Me
Track Name: The Prince of Chaos II
The Prince of Chaos II (03:52)

Mr. President !
Guilty, cause you have been cheating the ants
with your music spreading the fear
Guilty cause of yoghurt
and for that we'll judge you

Guilty, cause you have been playing so bad
and caused the ants to dance on that
Guilty cause of broken dreams
and for that we'll judge you

The Prince of Chaos - Mr. President

destroy, destroy
destroy the leader

Guilty, you're so proud and I don't know for what
because of the war or because of the hunger
we wish you all the worst
but leave us alone first

Guilty, 'cause of headless robots around you
ready to make your wishes come true
guilty, my crew is too much against you
We don't follow you

The Prince of Chaos - Mr. President

The President is Dead

Destroy the leader

What a beautiful day
What a lovely day
What a beautiful day

I present this in the hope that our great nations,
may learn to live in peace
Track Name: Dope
Dope (03:24)

Traveling with you
was just a spot in time,
pleasant torture
it really was too much, for me

Sometimes i wish to step easily
into any kind of dream
help me to reject the sun
which came from paradise for free

Traveling with you was just a spot in time
my life was turning to the Eden's garden of hell
pleasant torture it really was too much,
for me to stay beside

Leave me alone
leave me alone forever

Don't want to step quickly into any kind of dream
and to be like those who watch paradise for free
help me to reject the Eden's hell for sure
get lost or stay beside

Leave me alone forever
Track Name: Chekaroo
Track Name: Roby
Roby (03:15)

Take a chance
and pay in advance
I need your money
to repair the castle
don't think too much
cause it makes me so nervous
give me a million and a kiss for goodbye

You must believe me, give me a chance
('cause) I can sing much better than you
such a wise guy never makes mistakes

It's too easy
to show me your guts
that you're not a rabbit, but
a real big man
show me the power
and give me the money
give me a billion
and a kiss for goodbye

You have to give me as much as i need
('cause) I can sing much better than you
nobody wants you without me
Track Name: Journey
Journey (04:37)

Everyone who made a journey into the forbidden
remembers the old man with a golden beard
with his mouth closed he spoke with his eyes
the language everyone can not understand

If he likes you
'cause you're clean and open
you'll understand him and he is your friend
he'll tell you a secret the butcher doesn't need
you just play as well as you can

If you doubt yourself
don't waste your time on me
take an axe or a knife and go
who was a killer he is going to be killed

Every secret is so simple
finding the answer
it could make you laugh
how could I be so stupid
letting the answers passing me by

The old man is a spirit
he can teach you to fly
you don't need wings to touch the sky
open your soul
don't try to lie
what if the sun
would make such a try

(if)What you want isn't what you always have
unless you want to have nothing
all is nothing
and nothing is all
nothing is all
and all is nothing

parce que j'ai...
Track Name: Ghost + Allright
Ghost (03:55)

Somehow he is all alone
there's nobody to make some tea
all the time rainy clouds are there
through the window
the sight is standing still
by his will
(will his by)

I don't know
what he does for living
maybe birds feed him
through the hole in the wall
he tries to neutralize
desperate people
who just pretend
by his will
(will his by)

He's alone
just like the summer in a town which he dreams of
He's alone
like an air matress on a beach during the winter

He is a ghost
which is 'niente pass',
he is his only enemy
and the postman's fear
I haven't heard his voice for too long
and I miss him even
if he doesn't exist
by his will
(will his by)

Another day has dawned, who knows if he just dreamt summer once again
I can't wait for his message anymore
I'm to change my name to nobody.
by his will

All Right (01:26)

Brainless creatures they must die
because they wear ugly suits and ties
brainless creatures they must die
because I'm the law and I say so

Brainless creatures have to die, All Right
Track Name: Bacaramb
Bakaramb (02:21)

Bakaramb is the thing
which a fly licks
each night when you get to bed
and when think you are alone

Bakaramb is serious
he chooses your dreams
he cuts you ears in pieces
sticks the needle deep into your nose

Watch over each bullet
he is sneaking doped and stoned
under the pillow you steal out
Better sleep in day time while the frog looks after you
with it your safe until the night comes

Bakarmb is not alone
don't get confused by his
poisonous attitude
like a bunch of ugly volunteers

Keep yourself from Bakaramb
even if you save
money for the new shoes
made for swimming fast
far away from here

Hide all of your picks
they are his tidbits
for them he's ready to bite off your nose
He pulls out your hair
sucks your eyes as a sweet
when he sees that
you are about to wake up

Track Name: Saira
Saira (07:02)
(this lyrics are written in a invented non existing language)

Kras do wermaht in ploy quary may
Iris lendor sik rahim olambus
lahimta dry questo pris olar day
ulahim karussa

Does it really matter at all
what I am talking to you
if I am able to give you some love

Try him zhohar kiss
ulla haytus par
olina ramtyaha
sundalum bi har tis
oynell sirmin
prah ti ariqua

Does it really matter at all
what I am talking to you
if I am able to give you some love

Saira hai, Maira ma i naj
Saira hai, Maira ma i naj

Naj di haj za sir ha mi do ar nau swah na zaj

Kras do wermaht in ploy quary may
Iris lendor sik rahim olambus
lahimta dry questo pris olar day
ulahim karussa

Does it really matter to you or I am just a fool